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Burrino of Cow-buffalo

TYPE   -  The Little Butter of Cow-buffalo is a cheese of spun dough
INGREDIENTS   -  Milk of Cow-buffalo
Shape: it consists of a sheet of pastry of cow-buffalo cheese with inside is a little ball of butter of cow-buffalo.
The classical size has a spheroidal shape with a calf's head,and it is about 300. 350 g. It is hanging with the calf's head,by the characteristic string called "raffia".
FAT on the dry substance not inferior to 48%.
Chemical composition and energetic value in 100 grams of product
Water 50 g., Proteins 22,1 g., Fats(lipids) 47 g., Glucides 0,8 g., Iron 0,3 mg., Calcium 425 mg., Phosphorus 257 mg., Energetic Value 511 Kcal.
It is indicated on the wrapping with the wording BEST BEFORE. Usually 30 days after the day of production.
Modality of maintenance to preserve at +4 C.
Modality of consummation to consume from +15 C. to +18 C.
Curiosity: The little butter was born for the need of preserving the butter when the electric energy didn't exist yet, and therefore there were not the refrigerators. In fact, one succeeded to have at one's disposal the precious food for rather long times, putting it away safely from the oxidation of the air, and covering it with a sheet of pastry of cheese.

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