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Pepatina of Cow-buffalo

Pepatina of cow-buufalo is a cheese of half-done dough; it is got coagulating the milk at the temperature of about 35 C. , with a liquid rennet.
The cheese is subjected to a manual pressing,in suitable moulds, with a characteristic technique. During the pressing, grains of black pepper are added; at a distance of a few hours, these grain amalgamate to the dough of the cheese, giving it a delicious and particular taste.

INGREDIENTS Milk of cow-buffalo, grains of black pepper.
Shape: it depends on the drip: usually the sizes are of 115 g.
FAT on the dry substance not inferior to 48%.
Chemical composition and energetic value in 100 grams of product
Water 55 g., Proteins 17,5 g., Fats(lipids) 21,5 g., Glucides 4,8 g., Iron 0,3 mg., Calcium 425 mg., Phosphorus 257 mg., Value Energetic 261 Kcal.
It is indicated on the wrapping with the wording BEST BEFORE. Usually, 30 days after the day of production, for the green cheese. When it is salted and on its way to the seasoning, can reach a year and more.
Modality of maintenance to preserve at +4 C.
Modality of consummation to consume from +15 C. to +18 C.

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