SALAMINO of COW-BUFFALO - for Margherita Pizza DOC -
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Salamino of Cow-buffalo

TYPE        -  Green cheese of spun dough.
INGREDIENTS   -  Milk of Cow-buffalo
SHAPE: it has a cylindrical shape and its weight is about 800 g.. It is the same to the Mozzarella of Bufala Dop, for composition and techniques of working; but little salame is different from this last, in the working more dry and less damp. This working has been carried out to permit the its use on the Margherita pizza.
Its outer aspect is of a china-white colour;it has a thin rind of about one millimeter, with a smooth surface.It has a structure with thin leaves.This structure is slightly elastic in the first eight- ten hours after the production, subsequently, this has the tendency to becoming more melting. Moreover,it is lacking in holes, preservative, inhibetives and dyes; it shows, at the cut, the presence of a draining in form of light, whitish and serosity, from the fragrance of lactic ferments. Of this same product exists the cured version, got with natural methodology.
FAT on the dry substance not inferior to 52%
Chemical composition and energetic value in 100 grams of product
Water 56 g., Proteins 18 g., Fats(lipids) 21 g., Glucides 4,6 g., Iron 0,2 mg., Calcium 403 mg., Phosphorus 240 mg., Energetic Value 250 Kcal.
It is indicated on the wrapping with the wording BEST BEFORE. Usually 10 days after the day of production.
Modality of maintenance to preserve from +4 C. to +10 C.
Modality of consummation to consume from +15 C. to +18 C.
Little salame of cow-buffalo belongs to DOP Mozzarella of cow-buffalo of Campania and it is produce by our factory to satisfy those pizza-makers who, for tradition and culture,use mozzarella of cow-buffalo, to stuff the Margherita pizza.
It is appreciated also by a lot of restores which, according to ancient recipes, propose it cut into slices, at the "pizzaiola" with little tomatoes and basil.
The origin of the Margherita pizza, according to the legend, goes back to June of 1889, and so to the stay of the queen Margherita of Savoia in Naples, in the Palace of Capodimonte. In that occasion, the pizza-maker Raffaele Esposito, called to the court, created for the queen a variation of the Marinara pizza, to which he gave the name of Margherita pizza. He united the tomatoes of St. Marzano, the basil and the Mozzarella of cow-buffalo, to the traditional dough.

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