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Bocconcini with Cream

Morsels with cream are morsels of cow-buffalo covered with the cream drawn from the milk of cow-buffalo by centrifugation. They represent a dainty for those people who love very strong tastes.
Morsels of cow-buffalo,covered with cream of Milk of Cow-buffalo.
Shape: they are put in crocks of glazed pottery and in small plastic transparent containers.
FAT on the dry substance
not inferior to 60%
Chemical composition and energetic value in 100 grams of product
Water 50 g., Proteins 18 g., Fats(lipids) 22 g., Glucides 5 g., Iron 0,3 mg., Calcium 425 mg., Phosphorus 257 mg., Energetic Value 340 Kcal.
It is indicated on the wrapping with the wording BEST BEFORE. Usually 8 days after the day of production.
Modality of maintenance to preserve at +4 C.
Modality of consummation to consume from +15 C. to +18 C.

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