A history of traditions, passion and culture

At the biginning of the 20th century some people from the area of Caserta moved to Sele Plain, attracted by the numerous and productive cow-buffalos' herds, which produced a high quality milk by which they could make a large variety of cheese. When in 1929 Vittorio Emanuele II, king of Italy, decreed the establishment of the new-born Commune of Battipaglia, they had a lucky intention; infact they created fixed factories where cheese was made whereas in previous times it was only a periodical activity. This gave an impulse to a consequent technological development and to a growing and careful sanitary control, which was absent before. So the production of cheese was more and more the harmonious synthsis of milk quality, man's ability and technology. Since that time a little factory, which later would be named "Latticini Salernitani", improved the techniques of the production preserving the ancient dairying tradition. At the moment , old wood containers have left the place to modern steel containers, but the same high quality milk is produced and selected in the best factories of the area. So from generation to generation, precious tradition and experience have been kept. And today, as in old time, "Latticini Salernitani" produces cow-buffalo cheeses, and especially, Campania cow-buffalo mozzarella, a best quality cheese of which we are proud and which you can taste with pleasure.

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