La Cascina: not only DOP Cow-buffalo Mozzarella.

Since three generations entrepreneurs in dairying, Pietrafesas have always given a very personal mark to the dairy management, putting together tradition and innovation at best. Moreover they promote the "cow-buffalo culture" through the association "Galaxia - via lattea".
Battipaglia has been an agricultural colony since the half of the 19th century. It represents the most shining example of how man's ability and hard work can make a soil fertile. Thanks to the local farmers' activity, Plain of Sele changed from a malarial area into one of the most fertile and industrious area of the South Italy.
Here Pietrafesas, entrepreneurs in dairying since three generations, have taken their roots. They are one of the first families which had the intuition to change the nomad cheese process of manifacture, which was made following the herds, into the stabile one. This change has brought considerable advantages both in the hygienic conditions and in the work organization. In 1976 Nicola Pietrafesa established, following his father's advice and projecting his ideas in the future, the "Latticini Salernitani Ltd". It is a factory which has ever operated putting together old traditions and modern technologies at best.
Year by year, passion and experience has led the "Latticini Salernitani Ltd" to choose suppliers who are careful with the feeding and the environment conditions where cow-buffalos are bred. Infact in 1993 they received the DOP trade-mark for Campania cow-buffalo mozzarella.
The "Latticini Salernitani Ltd" distinguishes itself among the local dairy production because it has got a large range of products obtained from cow-buffalo milk. Infact, besides the well-known cheese of cow-buffalo production, there are: ricotta, caciotta, scamorza, burrata caciocavallo, cascinello, burrino, cacetti, provolone, dessert cream, bocconcini with cream. All these products bear under the trade-mark "La Cascina".
These cheeses are delivered outside of GDO (large organized delivery) because cow-buffalo milk products need a particular care, according to the different climatic periods. You can find our products both in the Italian restaurants and in the International ones, as well in the best gastronomy of our country.
Care and love for the soil and its products are handed on from generation to generation by Pietrafesas. They start from the care in the productive process and the respect for their own human resources and for the consumer, until the creation and the support of an active cultural association. The name of this association is "Galaxia - via lattea", whose president and promoter is Nicola Pietrafesa. Thanks to this association young people of our territory can learn historical, anthropological and economic values, connected with the dairying of the Plain of Sele and old crafts like the dairy man and the breeder. This is possible through different cultural ways, such as visit to the dairy-farms, competition, performances, and so on.
With love and passion Pietrafesas do this hard but also exciting work that day by day gives to "Latticini Salernitani Ltd" <>, as our business slogan says.

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